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Keeping up on your routine car maintenance will increase your safety while on the road. We understand how important your car and safety is to you and we have skills, knowledge, and equipment necessary to perform all required repair and maintenance on your vehicle.


Do provide your name and contact details to our friendly staffs the first time you visit us, your repair history will be recorded whenever you come for maintenance. 

Our work is our pride.

  • How often should I bring my vehicle for maintenance?
    In general, vehicle owners should bring their vehicle for service and maintenance every 6 months or every mileage of 10,000km.
  • A warning light appears on my dashboard! What should I do?
    A check engine light appears on your dashboard to indicate a malfunction in one or more components in the engine. It may indicate almost anything from a loose air pipe to something that requires immediate attention. You should always bring your vehicle to a workshop as soon as possible whenever a check engine light comes on.
  • What type of repair and maintenance services do you provide?
    We provide the following professional services: 1) Servicing (Including porints check) 2) Battery replacement 3) Air con repairs 4) All minor and major engine repairs We recommend you to contact us before hand to avoid the long wait.


The air conditioning system in your car is one of the most important feature for a comfortable ride. As your car gets older, many components get worn or damaged. When your car gave you the first sign that your aircon unit needs repair, it is time to visit us to give you an advice!

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