Keeping up on your routine car maintenance will increase your safety while on the road. We understand how important your car and safety is to you and we have skills, knowledge, and equipment necessary to perform all required repair and maintenance on your vehicle.


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What is Social Research?

At Social Change Solutions we are committed to a participatory-action approach. It is a collaborative grass-roots approach whereby key stake holders are the voice in making connections between circumstances and consequences. Research is conducted following a systematic plan. Social Reasearch methods can be classified as Quantitative and Qualitative. Quantitative - Approach social phenomena through quatifiable evidence and use statistical analysis of many cases, using methods such as surveys and questionaires. Qualitative - Understanding social issues through observation, communication, interviews, focus groups and oral histories. Research involves taking the time to observe and reflect, helping the researcher to understand the issues and define the research questions and issues at hand. At consistent stages throughout the collaborative and gathering of information process, we then return to the key stakeholders for additional information and feedback. It involves informed, critical and committed action. It is a process of decision-making for social program planning and social development.

Why do we do Social Research?

It is critical to undertake the necessary research to properly define the issue to be addressed in order to bring about positive social change. If not - a lot of time, energy and resources can be wasted - addressing of attitudes and beliefs that do not reflect the change we want to see. However, honor of people, space, culture, customs, tradition and people's real lived experiences must be respected for social research to serve its purpose of positive social change.



The air conditioning system in your car is one of the most important feature for a comfortable ride. As your car gets older, many components get worn or damaged. When your car gave you the first sign that your aircon unit needs repair, it is time to visit us to give you an advice!