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OBU Installation

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has rolled out the installation of the new on-board unit (OBU) under the ERP 2.0 system in phases.

So what can you expect to install?

- Display Unit

- Antenna Unit

- Processing Unit

OBU picture 3.jpg

Where should I position the 3 components?

Display Unit

  • Driver Side (Default)

  • Bottom Centre

Antenna Unit

  • Driver Side (Default)

  • Bottom Centre

  • Top Centre

Processing Unit

  • Passenger Side (Default)

  • Driver Side (Screw Required)

  • Underneath Seat

OBU Position.jpg

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  • I just got involved in an accident, what should I do next?"
    You should try to stay calm, take pictures of the accident scene and exchange particulars and contact information with the other party. In the event that the other party is uncooperative and refuses to provide their particulars or contact details, you will need to take a picture of their carplate number as evidence.
  • Do I need to make a police report for the car accident?
    No, there is no need to file a police report unless you and/or your passenger(s) have sustained injuries from the car accident.
  • How do I arrange for towing services?
    You may contact us at our office number (91092238) for assistance and we will arrange our fleet of tow truck partners to tow your vehicle to our workshop.
  • How often should I bring my vehicle for maintenance?
    In general, vehicle owners should bring their vehicle for service and maintenance every 6 months or every mileage of 10,000km.
  • A warning light appears on my dashboard! What should I do?
    A check engine light appears on your dashboard to indicate a malfunction in one or more components in the engine. It may indicate almost anything from a loose air pipe to something that requires immediate attention. You should always bring your vehicle to a workshop as soon as possible whenever a check engine light comes on.
  • What type of repair and maintenance services do you provide?
    We provide the following professional services: 1) Servicing (Including porints check) 2) Battery replacement 3) Air con repairs 4) All minor and major engine repairs We recommend you to contact us before hand to avoid the long wait.
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